Introducing the M230i-CW100

Prints with precision onto labels and meticulously positions them onto the corners of boxes, cartons or packages.

Develope to drive increases in reliability, security and accuracy, the M230i-CW100 is installed alongside machinery such as carton erectors, conveyors and other end of line processes. Incorporating the latest i-Tech features, this flexible, more robust unit is a Print and Apply solution that handles a variety of label sizes whist minimising its use of production real estate. Boasting a unique dual pad design, it ensures accurate label placement and high-quality readable print. As an alternative to manual labelling, its goals are repitition, longevity and accuracy.

ALL-bodyThumbOne-printheadM230i print heads

Quick change replacement print heads for less downtime.

ALL-bodyThumbTwo-touchpanelM-⁠Series Touchpanel

Clear monitoring and control with a intuitive colour user interface.